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Wake up!

C'mon, people! Time to get a-postin'! I found a bunch of wonderful music videos on YouTube, all made by the talented LadyHeartily. Here are a few of the various she has made:

Title: Listen to Your Heart
Animation(s): Anastasia
Song(s): DHT - "Listen to Your Heart"
Pairing(s): Anastasia/Dimitri
Size/length: 04:42
Vidder: lady_heartilly

Find it here.

Title: Only Hope
Animation(s): Thumbelina
Song(s): Mandy Moore - "Only Hope"
Pairing(s): Thumbelina/Cornelius
Size/length: 03:58
Vidder: lady_heartilly

Find it here.

There are plenty more in her profile, so check them out! And, hey, if you like the videos, leave a comment! ;) Everyone loves those!

A way to become active in this community: search around for music videos if you don't wanna/can't make them yourselves! I'm sure the ones who make them would appreciate the publicity. Go on! I wanna see this community come to life!

Your mod.,
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