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Welcome! =D Welcome one and all! (I'm all excited about this...) This is your mod. announcing the grand opening of our (xx_xmadnessx_xx's and mine) first community ever!

We really hope you enjoy it here and that this community sparks up new interests in all of those who are softies for everything Disney.

Making music videos is another form of art and is just as enjoyable and worthy as making icons, layouts, fan-art, fan-fiction, etc. Whether you are a beginner in the making of music videos, a guru in all aspects of it, or even if you just love watching them, you're welcome here just the same!

I will later on post one of my music videos (the only Disney one, but I will be making more in the near future), and our co-mod. is in the process of making one herself! So we'll start this community off with a bang!

In the meantime, please visit the user info. page for all the things you need to know if interested in following this community.

Thank you and enjoy! =)

Your mod,
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