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My nose feels odd..

Title: Making Memories of Us
Animation(s): Aladdin, Little Mermaid,Beauty and the Beast
Song(s): Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban
Pairing(s): Aladdin/Princess Jasmine, Ariel/Prince Eric, Belle/Beast
Size/length: 4:06
Vidder: sparklestar502

Find it here.

Title: Unbelievable
Animation(s): Hercules
Song(s): Unbelievable by Kaci Brown
Pairing(s): Hercules/Megara
Size/length: 3:53
Vidder: FaPingMulan

Find it here.

Title: Uptown Girl
Animation(s): Lady and the Tramp
Song(s): Uptown Girl by Billy Joel
Pairing(s): Lady/Tramp
Size/length: 3:16
Vidder: Trunks6

Find it here.

My little addition for now. I've asked a few other Disney video makers their permission to post their stuff, and I'm awaiting their responses. =D As for my own video, it's falling in shambles.

The trying, the fighting, the tired,

Co-mod. Mishi!
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